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Victory Park Tour of Moscow
About the tour
Victory Park was ceremonially opened in Moscow in May 1995 when the 50th anniversary of victory was celebrated on a grand scale. Covering a large territory and wartime events it reminds people of the triumphs and sacrifices of the Soviet Union and the Red Army during the war.

A memorial mosque, a memorial synagogue complete with a Holocaust museum and a Russian Orthodox church situated in different parts of the park commemorate soldiers of different nationalities and religions who laid down their lives for the liberation of their country. The names of those officers and men are written in the memorial books that you can see in the Hall of Memory and Sorrow inside the Museum of the Great Patriotic War which dominates the central square of Victory Park.

After an excursion in the open air you will get inside the museum where a tour guide will tell you more about the war. Inside the six rooms of the museum you will see six dioramas that show in vivid pictorial detail the most significant and decisive battles of the war. It illustrates the course of the war—from the Battle of Moscow when the first defensive counterattack was organized by Zhukov and Stalin to the final assault on Berlin when a victorious red banner was planted on top of the Reichstag by two Soviet soldiers.
Itinerary Meeting location + tour duration
Victory Park
Meeting location: Your hotel

End location: Your hotel or any place you wish

Duration: 3 hours
Transportation What’s included
Walking, metro (a car/bus if you wish) Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding
Estimated local cash needed What’s extra
Metro tickets, souvenirs, entrance fee (€ 5 per person)
Restrictions Tour price
NO ! 150 USD
Hotel (recommended) Restaurant (recommended)
“METROPOL” hotel
300 meters from the Kremlin
Chain of restaurants “TEREMOK”
Always you can taste Russian pancakes - BLINI